An overnight success!

Hello Again!

As I’m sure you know by now, most-but not all-of my Sunday Snack recipes have incorporated Greek yogurt in some way, shape, or form. For some of you, this might be a little weird, or even a turn off, but I never really grew up eating yogurt (let alone the healthier, Greek yogurt version) so now in my adult life I am trying to substitute it into my diet more often. Why? Because a simple substitution can make all of the difference when you’re trying to live more health-consciously. The benefits of using Greek yogurt, in lieu of other items such as butter or sour cream, as well as a measurement substitute guide, can be found in this helpful Fitfluential article How to Sub Greek Yogurt in Baking

And so, on to today’s healthy snack to fuel your life in motion: Overnight Oats. This concept is nothing new to you, I’m sure. With the resurgence in popularity of mason jars over the last few years, as well as the time management trend of weekly meal prepping overnight oats became an overnight success to those who needed to find a quick, simple, and hearty solution to breakfast on-the-go.

If you’ve never heard of overnight oats before (or have, but never made them yourself), let me give you a quick overview: basically they are a cold version of oatmeal and you never cook them. Instead of cooking your oatmeal with a liquid on the stove or microwave (the classic way), you mix rolled oats with a liquid of your choice (mainly Greek yogurt and some kind of milk), mashed together other ingredients and store them in your refrigerator overnight to let the contents blend together to create a creamy, pudding or porridge-like consistency. Meal prep is extremely short (anywhere from 3-5 minutes) and they usually can last and stay fresh for a couple of days in the refrigerator so you can make a few batches at a time! I personally think that the best thing about overnight oats is that there is no wrong way to prepare them–there are actually probably 1,000,001 different recipes and methods for overnight oats nowadays so all you need is a little inspiration and creativity and you are well on your way to enjoying a delicious and healthy breakfast snack!

I’ll share with you one version of overnight oats that I made the other day, but also list some websites below where you can find some other recipes for further inspiration, as well.

Overnight Oats Ingredients:

  • 1/3 cup Greek yogurt (I chose the honey blended one, for extra flavor)
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/3 cup Almond Milk (some people put less or more-personal preference)
  • 1 tbsp. Chia seeds
  • 1 & 1/2 tbsp. peanut butter (I chose the chunky kind, with honey)
  • Whatever amount of fruit desired (I chose apple, banana, and blueberry)
  • 1 tsp. honey* (Most recipes calls for a little honey added for sweetness, but I put an asterisk here just because I chose honey-blended Greek yogurt and crunchy peanut butter with honey so I passed on the extra honey option)


Other Items Needed:

  • Mason jars or Tupperware containers.
  • Measuring cups (only if you prefer, you can easily eyeball the ingredients, as well).


  1. Prepare your fruit pieces and cut them up into your desired sizes. I chose to make mine very small so that there would be more to blend throughout the container.
  2. Mix all of the ingredients together into your storage jar/container.
  3. Refrigerate overnight (most recipes call for 8 hours, but you can definitely eat them with less-time being stored…the consistency may be a little different).
  4. Stir again before eating and, if you would like, add some fresh fruit on top or granola for extra crunch. Then, enjoy!

Here’s what mine ended up looking like–it was DELICIOUS and filled me up for the entire morning, especially after my run.OvernightOats-2


If you’re looking for some inspiration to get creative and playful with your recipes, I highly recommend checking out the Quaker Oats’ Overnight Oats Recipe Pagewhere you can see an easy-to-follow video instruction on how to make them, as well as specifically search for recipes with certain ingredients (if you have dietary needs/restrictions, or are just more focused on a particular flavor) and helpful tips for some first time overnight oat makers. I also stumbled upon on Cassie’s Back to Her Roots blog, which focuses on healthy eating and natural living and she has a post highlighting the Top 8 Classic Overnight Oats Recipes To Try–all look delicious and very inspiring, especially if you like chocolate flavors! Beyond that, you can always troll through Pinterest for more recipes and easy-to-follow snack inspiration OR just say to hell with recipes and go wild and playful making up ingredients and measurements of your own…you never know what successful dish you might end up creating!

What about you-have you ever made overnight oats before? I’m definitely hooked on this healthy breakfast concept and would love to try some new recipes so please comment below and share some of your favorites! Don’t forget you can always connect with me on Twitter to share your healthy snack recommendations: @meggielukes and include the hashtag #MegInTheMeantime. I can’t wait to hear from you!

In the meantime, the only other thing for you to think about is what will you do with ALL of that extra time on your hands since these overnight oats only take up to 5 minutes to prepare?! I personally will spend that extra time planning out my workouts and training schedule for the week. I have Cara Gilman’s RunYoga series to look forward to tomorrow night–looks like we’re running around the Charles River and then complementing our run with a core-based yoga flow…can’t wait! Beyond that, I hope to get back to Harvard Stadium for a lung-crushing stair workout with November Project on Wednesday morning and hopefully do another Danvers 5k run later that night. I’ll share more about my training later this week, though.

Until then, be well and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!


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