Hi there (and welcome)!

Just wanted to write a quick note to welcome you all to my blog! I’m so excited to share my story, challenges, and successes with you as I continue on my quest for finding balance and new and creative ways to incorporate health and wellness habits in my life; in the end, I can only hope it inspires and fuels your life in motion, as well.

Each week you can look forward to a wide range of health and wellness topics, from on-the-go healthy snacks, to effective, efficient, scalable workout ideas, my journey during some personal fitness challenges, and the inside scoop into Boston’s best fitness trends, which will include some reviews and shoutouts for brands and specific gears, features on studios/classes/fitness communities, as well as some more ind-depth features on local Fitfluential individuals who really inspire me and impact my own lifestyle habits.

Stop by tomorrow morning for my first “Sunday Snacks” series in which I’ll share with you one of my favorite quick, delicious, and nutritious recipes. I’ll give you a hint: this snack is bite-sized and will leave you with a dozen or so–the more to share with friends and co-workers, or just keep all to yourself!  Either way, I guarantee it’ll be easy to make (trust me, I am far from ever being featured on Chopped) and leave you running out the door to pick up ingredients to do it yourself.

In the meantime, I hope you make sure to get out there today (despite the rain) and do something that really moves you!

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